Estate History

estate1Old  Conna Golf Club is located on 120 acres of land in the townland of Old Connaught in Bray, County Wicklow. The Ryall family have been associated with Old Conna for over 400 years. The Ryall family lived on the land from the mid 17th century until the 1940’s. Old Connaught House on Ferndale Road was built for Phineas Ryall in 1859. Phineas Ryall also once at one time owned the Ballydoyle land, famous for race horsing,  in Tipperary, and the family had substantial property assets in Dublin and Kilkenny. Neighbouring families in Old Conna included the Perry, Roberts, Plunkett and Putland families.

Ryall built a walled garden for his estate in the area in front of the clubhouse where the 18th green is located. The wall to the right of the 18th green and around the car park is the original garden wall.

The Ryall family donated hundreds of documents to the National Library of Ireland including a map of the estate dated 1829, rent books and inventories of sheep, cows, pigs and farming equipment used on the estate and on Old Conna Hill to the north.