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History of the Lands of Old Conna Golf Club

Old Conna Golf Club is situated on the beautiful side slopes of Carrickgollen. It is one of the foremost sites in the area resting at just above the 200 ft. contour lines from sea level with extensive views to Killiney Hill and Bay, along with superb views of Bray and the Wicklow Mountains. Old Conna Golf Club was established in 1987, following the purchase of 128 acres of land, which was formerly part of the Old Conna Hill House Estate, by the members of Dublin Sport Golf Club (D.S.G.C.).

Dublin Sport Golf Club was established in 1977, when green fee members of the Dublin Sport Hotel came together with the Management of the Dublin Sport Hotel to found the club.  The D.S.G.C. was granted a yearly licence to play golf, but had no actual tenancy rights.

Over the following years, the officers of the club formed a Development Committee and in 1983 appointed Eddie Hackett, one of the foremost golf course designers, as their adviser. Following an extensive search of approx 16 sites, the property now housing Old Conna Golf Club was purchased from developer, Owen McDermott, in 1986.  The development of the course took place following   Eddie Hackett’s design with the grand opening taking place over the weekend of 11th 12th and 13th July 1987.

Old Conna Hill House (early 1980’s) photo taken from Jones Lang Wooten, Particulars of Sale

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