2020 AGM's
Virtual Meetings via ZOOM

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AGM Dates & Times

Test Webinar
We are running a "Test Webinar" to familiarise Members in the use of ZOOM, on Friday, 27th December, at 8:00 PM, via ZOOM.

Ladies AGM
This year the Ladies Club AGM will be on Monday, 7th December, at 7:00 PM, via ZOOM

Men's AGM
This year the Men's Club AGM will be on Tuesday, 8th December, at 7:00 PM, via ZOOM

Parent AGM
This year the Parent AGM will be on Wednesday the 9th December, at 7:00 PM, via ZOOM

To access the Clubs AGM ZOOM Guidelines
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This is a Sample Invitation
When you receive this email make sure you register from the device you intend to access the meeting

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Registration Form
Make sure you fill in you full name and the email address you use for Old Conna

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Joining Mail
This is the confirmation email and you will use to join the meeting. Note the "Click Here to Join" and the "Passcode" for the meeting

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We will send a "Reminder" mail an hour before the meeting with the "Joining" detail


Some common solutions you may want to consider if you are experiencing issues:

Make sure you ONLY click your Webinar Invitation link on the device you plan to join the meeting.
Zoom authorizes the first device you use to register, this is the only device you can use to access the webinar. This is a security measure

Although not a requirement we recommend you register an account at Zoom.com

Be sure you have access to a strong internet connection – either a strong WiFi network or ethernet.
If not, and you are joining from your phone, switch off your WiFi and run on mobile data.

The recommendation for now is, if you have never been on a Zoom call, try to get onto one over the next few weeks, maybe with a family member or your ‘go-to’ family IT expert!

Thank you for your patience as we move through this pandemic together!.