Covid 19 - Update

Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Communication from Golf Ireland to our Hon Secs


To: Club Communication Officers, Hon. Secretaries, Liaison Committees

FAO: All members

Please note this relates to golf in the Republic of Ireland. All clubs included for information purposes.


Following today’s announcement by the Irish Government that the current period of restrictions will be extended, Golf Ireland notes with regret that golf and all other sporting facilities in the Republic of Ireland are to remain closed.

Golf Ireland continues to engage with the relevant authorities in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to ensure that golf returns as soon as the public health situation improves sufficiently.

The main objective for us all is to continue to do what we can to safeguard ourselves and others from further spread of Covid-19.

We urge all of our affiliate clubs and their members to continue to adhere to the public health restrictions in place at this time.

Golf Ireland

We will let our Old Conna members know of any changes as they arise.


Sunday, 6th December 2020

Communication from Golf Ireland to our Hon Secs

To: Club Honorary Secretaries and Club Communication Officers

Level 3 of the Government’s ‘Living with COVID’ framework requires people to stay in their county with the exception of travel for specific essential reasons as outlined on

Up to now, all sporting organisations have advised their participants not to travel outside of their county to engage in sporting activity, save for some very limited exceptions.

However, we have been acutely aware of many instances where these rules have prevented a significant number of club members from accessing the facilities of their golf club due to residing on the other side of a county boundary. This applies in particular to clubs which are situated close to county boundaries, for example Dun Laoghaire (Dublin-Wicklow), Carton House (Dublin-Kildare-Meath), Portumna (Galway-Offaly-Tipperary), Enniscrone (Sligo-Mayo), Waterford (Waterford-Kilkenny) and a number of others.

Having discussed this issue with regard to these and other examples with Sport Ireland, we can confirm with immediate effect that members can continue to travel to their Home Club to play golf.

It is important to note that this dispensation applies to local travel only, and only to home club members. It also remains the case that golfers are not permitted to travel beyond their county to play golf at a club which is not their home club while the Level 3 travel restrictions remain in place.

From 18 December until 6 January, all domestic travel restrictions will be lifted and golfers can travel to play golf beyond their county boundaries in all circumstances during this time.


Golf Ireland

Tuesday, 1st December 2020

Further to our Daily Mail on Saturday 28 November regarding the reopening of our golf course, we now wish to advise Members of the reciprocal arrangement which we are entering into with Bray Golf Club.

As the Government guidelines require members of the public not to travel outside their own county until 18 December, we have entered into an arrangement with Bray Golf Club for the benefit of those Members of Old Conna who are resident in the county of Wicklow. Bray Golf Club is making available a period of one hour per day for those Members of Old Conna who are living in Wicklow, while we in turn are similarly making available a period of one hour per day for those Members of Bray Golf Club who are living in Dublin. The arrangement will commence from Thursday 3 December and will continue until the travel restrictions are lifted on 18 December.

The reserved tee-times are between 12:00 – 1:00pm each day. As before, Old Conna Members should make their bookings on our BRS system in the normal way. In accordance with the Government guidelines, Council requests that those Members who are living in Wicklow should avail of this reciprocal arrangement and should not seek to play in Old Conna before 18 December.

Thursday 3rd will go live today at 4pm, all other timesheets will go live 3 days in advance at 4pm.

Members will be notified of any further changes in these arrangements as required.

Saturday, 28th November 2020

We are delighted to announce that the course can reopen on Tuesday 1st December. In the initial phase golf will members only casual golf.

Timesheets will open 3 days in advance at 4pm i.e. Tuesday 1st December will open Saturday 28th November at 4pm.

We are in discussions with Bray Golf Club on a reciprocal arrangement for those members residing in Co. Wicklow and will provide an update as soon as possible.

The Bar and Restaurant will be closed until December 4th, we will provide an update on the new operating procedures when they become available.

We will let our Old Conna members know of any changes that may arise in the meantime.

For the Golf Ireland updated golf guidelines click the link below

Click Here to access the Golf Ireland update

In line with the Government’s Plan for Living with Covid19 Old Conna Golf Club’s Health & Safety Statement has been updated:

Health & Safety Statement Updated

1. Face coverings must be worn by everyone when entering and leaving the Club House, unless you have a medical certificate permitting you not to have to wear a face covering, in which case, you must be signed in for Covid19 tracing, in any part of the Club.
2. Anyone who forgets their face covering will be supplied and billed for a facemask at the bar.
3. You must go to your designated table and cannot move about the bar or restaurant areas.
4. No bar service will be available. Table service only.
5. Children aged 12 and over must wear face coverings.
6. Children must remain in their seats and will not be permitted to run about the Club House.
7. In cases of non-compliance staff will have the authority to refuse service and you will be asked to leave the premises.
8. Only two customers in the Pro Shop at any one time. Facemasks must be worn.
9. Everybody must sign in at the first tee, this includes members using the practice area and / or playing casual golf, for contact tracing purposes.
10. Each member may bring one guest on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays after 3.00pm and after competitions close on Saturdays and Sundays.
11. Alcohol will only be served with a meal to the value of €9 and above.
12. Maximum 6 persons per table from no more than 3 separate households.
13. Maximum stay in restaurant or bar is 1 hr 45 mins.
14. Bill must be paid at table.
15. Designated exits must be followed.
16. Follow previous golfing guidelines including arriving at first tee 5 mins before tee time and no congregating at first tee.
17. Only use locker rooms for toilet facilities and not for changing.

Health & Safety
Old Conna Golf Club